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Space Camp Valencia

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Space Camp Valencia

REAL training for young astronauts

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Space Adventure

Take the first step to the greatest adventure of your life with Space Camp, the only camp in Spain that prepares the young of 10 to 17 years for the future of the space exploration.

Train like an authentic astronaut: piloting real planes, experiencing the absence of gravity, building and launching rockets, and diving into space missions through virtual reality. 

Discover what makes us unique:

Pilot aircrafts

Feel the emotion of flying in ultralight being the copilot. Under the guide of professional pilots, you will learn the fundamentals of flight and you will take off with them from an aerodrome in ultralight to fly over the Valencia's sky. A safe and exciting experience that you may not forget.

Work without Gravity

Work in without gravity conditions in pools like the astronauts in order to emulate being in the outer space. You will experience the weightlessness and you will lear to move yourself and work in zero gravity, while you will be strengthening the collaborative work with a team of professional divers.

Explore the cosmos at the Culla's Observatory

Find our position in the vast universe as you learn about astronomy and astrophysics. Discover how is the cosmos organized and where we fit into it, guided by the astrophysics of the Culla's Astronomical Observatory, which we will visit.

Tripulate the ISS

Explore the ISS (International Space Station) with the help of the Virtual Reality. Learn to move through the ISS in zero gravity grabbing yourself from the railings. Make an spacial travel to fix the outer cover from the ISS while you maintain contact and communication with Houston at all times.

Build and Launch a Rocket 

Descubre la ingeniería aeroespacial construyendo tu propio cohete, en una actividad diseñada y ofrecida junto a PLD Space. Aprenderás sobre aerodinámica, mecánica de vuelo y control de misión. Prepara tu cohete para el despegue y lograr que llegue a su destino.

Misions on Marth with a Rover

Learn about the robotic engineering building an autonomous Rover intended to explore Marth. Delve into the desing fundamentals, mechanics and programming in order to create a vehicle able to search for water and life in the martian surface.

Physical and Mental Training

Get ready for the challenge of space travel with our physical and mental training. Use the human gyroscope to simulate the conditions of a space launch and attaching to the ISS while maintaining your blood cold and in control at all times.

Are we alone in the universe?

Through practical experiments in biology and chemistry, you will delve into the essence of life, deciphering what defines it and evaluating the possibility of its existence in another planets. Imagine how that extraterrestial life would be and where we could find it.

Astronauta posando con traje espacial

Scholarship Program

Boosting Future Astronauts

Discover the scholarship program of Space Camp Valencia, a gateway to the universe for young dreamers.

We strive to eliminate economic barriers, offering talented young people from vulnerable environments the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of science and space exploration without any cost.

With the support of our valuable patrons, we promote inclusion and equality by providing unique educative experiences that inspire and prepare the next generation of explorers of space. Participate and transform the future, a little step for you, a big step for your community.


Space Camp Valencia:  offers a unique immersion experience in the world of space exploration designed for young astronauts from 10 to 17 years old. Duration: a week, from Monday to Friday, on the dates shown. You can choose the week that is most convenient for you. General Schedule: from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Location: at the Canary Islands 90, 46023 street and Joan Verdeguer, 16, 46024 Valencia.
5 Amazing Days ✨
Real aircraft flight 🛫
Pool training 👩‍🚀
All meals included 😋

Space Camp Valencia


Expedición 26
24/06/2024 – 28/06/2024

Expedición 27
01/07/2024 – 05/07/2024

Expedición 28
08/07/2024 – 12/07/2024

Expedición 29
15/07/2024 – 19/07/2024

Expedición 30
22/07/2024 – 26/07/2024

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Space pioneers

«Infinity is the limit of our explorations, not of our dreams.»

First female Spanish astronaut

«The courage to dream is the first step towards the stars.»

First chinese woman in space

«Follow your passion, and never let anyone set limits for you.»

Eileen Collins (United States)

First woman pilot and space shuttle commander

«In the vastness of space, our vision is expanded and our differences are minimized.»

Susan Helms (United States)

First woman to be part of an expedition to the ISS

«The space is a place where we cooperate, where we can look beyond our differences... in search of common goals.»

Samantha Cristoforetti (Italy)

First woman to command the Expedition to the ISS

«Exploring space is more than a technical challenge; is a human challenge that requires teamwork, persistence and vision.»

Pamela A. Melroy (United States)

First female commander of a NASA space shuttle

«Leadership and determination are universal; space is just another place to demonstrate it.»

Peggy Whitson (United States)

First female commander of the ISS

«Don't let anybody steal your dreams.»

Mae Jemison (United States)

First African American woman in space

«Every little step in the space is a giant jump for the woman equality.»

Svetlana Savitskaya (Russia)

First woman to take a space walk

«Dream with the starts, but never forget the feet on the ground.»

Valentina Tereshkova (Russia)

First woman in space